The nursery company Kids Planet is providing Salford children with free packed lunches across the Christmas break.

The event comes from the success of their half-term free school lunches in part of Manchester United football player, Marcus Rashford’s campaign.

Infographic by Lee McErlean.

Clare Roberts, CEO of Kids Planet, said: “We did this in the October half-term break as part of the Marcus Rashford push for free school meals for children.

“It is just a continuation of that really as most of our nurseries done it across the October half-term, and I think that is just in mind with that realising that a lot of families in the Salford area are going to need food for the children.”

The service will also provide a hot chocolate treat. Clare says: “There will be hot chocolate in a little cup with some marshmallows, something to add a bit of cheer for those families who are struggling.”

Clare explains: “School provides the only opportunity for some for a hot meal. While we cannot provide a hot meal, we are providing some food, and a hot chocolate treat to make it Christmassy to help those families who aren’t in the position to do such things for their children.”

The event is a joint project between the company’s three Salford nurseries located in Salford, Salford Quays, and Higher Broughton.

The service is available to all families across the Salford community and not just those who attend Kids Planet nurseries.

Image Credit: Kids Planet Salford.

“It’s any families and not those restricted to Kids Planet it is just any families in Salford,” Clare explains.

Families can attend the nurseries for the service between the times of 10 am -1 pm on the following dates:

  • Mon 21st Dec
  • Tue 22nd Dec
  • Wed 23rd Dec
  • Thur 24th Dec
  • Tue 29th Dec
  • Wed 30th Dec
  • Thur 31st Dec

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