The North is famous for it’s, often questioned, combination of chips and gravy.

Salford has a large selection of chip shops serving you just that. But, where is the cheapest chippy that we found in the centre of salford?

According to their online prices, alongside visiting some of the chippy’s above, the price of a portion of chips in Salford doesn’t seem to vary too much.

But, as the graph shows, How How on Liverpool Street are selling at very low price of £1.20 per small chips.

Chip Shops in Salford Centre. Graph by Jessie Sale

How-How is a Chinese-style chip shop where prices seem below average throughout their whole menu.

How-However, ‘Reel English Chippy’ still appears open and running on a google search, however, it has been shut for over three years.

The Reel English Chippy: Google Search Screenshot

Andy, a local, said: “I used to go there all the time. It’s a shame it shut down, I only had to walk round the corner. An easy tea.”

Chandos Grove seems to be an average price chip shop just off Derby Road.

Chandos Grove. Credit: Jessie Sale

Studies show that Chip Shops boomed during lockdown whilst other food industries struggled. Read The Telegraph’s article here.

Andy went on to say: “We go to Ho-Yee now. I absolutely hammered it during second lockdown.”

Chip shops were revealed as the most popular takeaway during the pandemic.

‘Demand has risen 208% since March 2020.’ The Manc.

Personally, I’d want a large sausage and fries over short back and sides.


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