A Salford student has begun raising money for children of Uganda to learn how to read and write.

Mollie Chapman, owner of Oh My Daises, began making handmade earrings during Lockdown and is now giving them away to one lucky winner in her raffle.

The Literate Earth Project fight for child illiteracy by putting books into the hands of children in developing countries.

Since officially becoming a charity in 2020 The Literate Earth Project UK has aimed to spread the word in local communities.

Children who read books often or more than once a week gain higher results in maths, vocabulary, and spelling tests than those who read less regularly.

In Salford, an average of 65% of pupils reach the expected literacy levels within the UK, with only 9% of pupils achieving above the average standard.

Worldwide LEP has raised money to buy children new books, built and opened 16 libraries, donated over 57,000 books to children, and reached over 8,000 students.

This is provided through partnerships with local publishers, government officials, educators, and other charities.

All donations are used to purchase content for the libraries that are customised to ensure that students have access to books that are relevant to both their education and culture.

This has a direct impact on the quality of education the school children receive.

Not only does the charity donate books for children to learn how to read but they provide communities with the support necessary to sustain the continued growth and development of libraries and literacy programs.
Teachers, staff, and communities are trained so that they can fully utilise the libraries as sources of information and learning.
Alex Gallucci, a Literate Earth Project ambassador has worked alongside Mollie to raise money for children in Uganda.

Would you like to be an ambassador for Salford? LEP is currently looking for new people in Salford to support these underprivileged children.
Image Credit: The Literate Project

You can donate by sending just £2 to the JustGiving fundraising page then comment on your preferred social media handle in your donation description.

For every £2 donated, your name will be entered once into the draw, giving you a chance to win any personalised product from Oh My Daises.

The raffle winner will be announced on Sunday 20th December 2020.

If you’re interested in having your own fundraiser, becoming a volunteer, or being an ambassador for Salford, get in contact with The Literate Earth Project here.

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