Small change challenge

A Salford man is asking residents to collect their loose change for a children’s hospice.

Edwin green, 68, started The Small Change challenge last week and aims to raise £1000 by July.

Edwin Green, 68

He asks locals to save their pennies in a jar, which he will collect, count, and donate.

“Even if it’s a pound in a jar, it’s a pound more than if you didn’t donate. A pound more to help the charity” he said.

This is one of many fundraising activities Edwin has organised, raising over £100,000 for various charities over the last 23 years.

His fundraising journey started after the passing of his wife.

He decided then he would do as much as he can to give back to the people who looked after her, and to all those in need.

I apologise for keep sharing this guys but Francis House Children’s Hospice has a shortfall of 250 thousand pounds…

Posted by Edwin Green on Saturday, 9 January 2021

“I want to help as many charities as possible. As many people as possible” he said.

Several years ago, Edwin and his grandson completed the small change challenge and handed over £551 to Francis House hospice.

Due to Covid-19, Edwin decided to repeat the challenge in a bid to raise even more money.

“It’s a nice charity, all charities need help and money especially in this pandemic. I’ve given to homeless charities and many others over Christmas, so I decided to focus this on the children”

“It’s not going to be the largest amount of money, but it’s a bit of help and a bit of something. And every penny helps and is appreciated”

“My ideal amount to pass over would be £1000, whether or not we will get it I don’t know. But that would be incredible” said Edwin.

“I know people are struggling, and many on furlough. But save your 1p, 2p, 5p, anything you want to give. Let’s get together and get this £1000 target smashed”.

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