Salford MND Challenge

Salford hairdresser, John Edmondson, 61, and his former business partner, Paul Donegan, also 61, are asking people to get involved in the MND1000 Challenge this year.

The challenge consists of an individual completing some form of exercise over any time frame and wherever they choose. However, the number 1000 must be incorporated into this.

Donegan said: “We are looking to cast the net further – to get new people to take up the challenge and create their own version of the MND1000 challenge by simply deciding which exercises they wish to do.

“It can be walking, running, cycling, dancing, star jumps – anything really – but link this back to the number 1000 in some way over a period of time.

“It is down to the individual to do what they want, when and where they want. The idea is to invite three others to join, and more will be joining as we spread the word.

“January is a great time to do this with most places being closed and probably too much of everything being consumed over the Christmas period!

“This is a great way to have a bit of fun, get a bit fitter and to raise vital funds and awareness of this horrible disease.”

Edmondson was recently diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease and, alongside his team of friends and family, has raised over £13,000 for the MND Association.

The 61-year-old took on the challenge of doing 1000 assisted press-ups over 10 days, which is made much more difficult as a result of his condition.

However, this did not deter him, and he completed the challenge at the end of last year.

Donegan chose to do 1000 minutes of various exercise and has also since completed his challenge.

The two have now grown their original team of just three to a group of 20.

The MND1000 Facebook page can be found here.

If you would like to join the team and take on the challenge, simply follow the link below and sign up:

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