Salford overflowing bins

A Salford resident has reached tipping point over the continuously overflowing bins and missed collections in the Sailsbury Road area.

Susan Hurst, a resident of Sailsbury flats, has complained that her bins were overflowing for weeks due to missed collections. She said: “They weren’t collected from before Christmas, up until Monday or Tuesday.”

Despite the council emptying the bins last week, Ms Hurst states that bin bags were still left on the side of the road. She continued: “Even when the binmen came, they literally would only empty the bin and not anything at the side of the bins. They left around 30 bin bags overall.

The overflowing bins located near the flats

“My 14-year-old granddaughter had to go out with gloves on and put those 30 bin bags in the bin once they’d gone, which means the bins now full again, the same day was emptied. It’s a vicious circle constantly.”

Despite contacting the council “every week” about the issue, Ms Hurst is yet to hear back from them.

“I’ve been to the tip twice between Christmas and New Year because of the bins being full, I shouldn’t need to do that.” Ms Hurst added.

Full bins just a day after collection

In a comment to a previous article about Salford’s bins not being collected, Ms Hurst also said: “We pay fees for this service but we are not getting the service we pay for and are being threatened with fees being raised.”

Councillor David Lancaster, lead member for environment and community safety, said: “The bins at Salisbury Road have been emptied according to the correct collection schedule so this is not a matter of service failure.

“We do not remove additional waste at any property in Salford, including flats as there is enough capacity in the bins if people recycle properly. We reported the extra bags to For Housing and they have cleared them.”

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