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“There is no plan and no change” – this is what Alex Warren, Liberal Democrats campaigner, has to say about the current situation in Salford.

Alex Warren, who was seen hand-delivering Christmas cards to residents in the Quays last year, is standing in the local elections alongside Alex Wynne and Bryn Coombe. They believe there is no plan and no change from the current council at all.

The Liberal Democrats have three declated aims: clean Up The Quays, tackle anti-social crime, and end our cladding ‘scandal’.

Clean Up the Quays:

When discussing their idea to clean up the quays he said: “Liberal Democrats want to create nature reserves in spaces all over Salford.

“This is so that we nurture the nature that exists already and work hard to improve the waterside for people out walking and exercising.

“The team will work with the Council, charities, and community groups to run regular clean-ups and get more money spent on our green spaces.”

Anti-social crime:

In relation to anti-social crime, Warren has said that not enough is being done to police the area.

Mr Warren stated: “We need more boots on the ground and officers who understand our neighbourhood. With this, we can tackle crime and anti-social behavior near our homes in Salford Quays.”

Unsafe cladding:

In relation to the cladding scandal, he said: “The replacement of unsafe Grenfell-like cladding is a potentially life-threatening scandal that affects thousands.

“Unsafe cladding is not the fault of residents. Even if you do not own your apartment, you could be faced with rising rents to cover the cost of replacing any dangerous cladding.

“We think the government should pay for this and end the nightmare of unsafe cladding.”

Permission to use-Alex Warren Salford Liberal Democrats
Permission to use-Alex Warren Salford Liberal Democrats

Alex Warren says: “Salford Quays is a shining jewel of a place. Unfortunately, the council is too preoccupied with big housing developments.

“There is next to no provision for green space or independent businesses or services at all.

“We need to change the narrative, clean up the quays, and give local communities a voice in government.”

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