Litter problems are at an all-time high due to lockdowns and increased use of PPE, according to a new report.

A ‘Countryside Charity Report’ estimates the public has noticed 76% more PPE litter in their areas, with a staggering 68% being made up of face masks. Tired of waiting for government action, community groups are taking it upon themselves to make a difference.

Photo Credit: Salford Litter Heroes

One vital group tackling the litter on our streets and green spaces is that of Salford Litter Heroes, a completely volunteer-led group “determined to tackle littering and fly-tipping within Salford”.

The group has proven to be extremely popular since forming, especially so during lockdown seeing a significant increase in the number of volunteers helping out- which are now estimated to be in their hundreds.

Nominated for the Best Environmental Improvement category in the upcoming ‘Spirit of Salford’ awards, the group are widely hailed for their work within the community, with the nomination praising them for:

“Going out in all weather conditions to look after the environment, protect wildlife and make Salford a better place for everyone. The group engage with and set a fantastic example for young people and educate others on ways to reduce their waste and eliminate litter.”

Credit: Salford City Council.

One new volunteer Vanessa Hamnett, spoke of feeling ‘overwhelmed’ by the amount of litter she regularly saw on her dog walks and wanted to join the group in a bid to return these green spaces back to what they once were.

Hamnett praised the potential social side of the group, and the benefit of getting out into green spaces has on your mental health. She encouraged those wanting to join to not feel “overwhelmed by joining”, but to just join the Facebook group first to get a “feel and flavour for the group”.


Photo Credit: Salford Litter Heroes

Litter picking equipment is free and can be accessed through the Salford City Council website, with collected rubbish picked up by the council at a later date. Volunteer Vanessa Hamnett commended the ‘brilliant’ help Salford City Council provides to the group, thanking them for their constant support, reliability and equipment provisions.

Vanessa said: “With the Salford Litter Heroes there is a lot of flexibility, you can be a lone ranger, you can go out with family members or join organised events when more person power is needed”

Photo Credit: Salford Litter Heroes

Those wanting to get involved and join the group can attend the Temple Drive litter pick in Swinton tomorrow at 3pm. Further details of upcoming events can be found on the map below.


You can contact the group through their social media channels:

Facebook- Salford Litter Heroes
Twitter- @SalfordHeroes

Or through their website:

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