The Cleavley Community Forest Garden next to Winton Park has put a callout on their Facebook page asking for help in designing their new Salford community garden space.

Ian Bocock, 55, is the Director at Incredible Education, who run the Forest Garden, and he wants to help people take ownership over the ‘edible garden plot’.

He said: “At the moment it’s ‘let’s use our imaginations while we’re locked up’. Open up our imaginations into ‘what would I design in a garden?’

“It’s not a competition, some people have just suggested what they might think to put in the garden but if anybody actually wanted to put pens to paper and come up with a design, we could look at how we’d incorporate them.”

The project was shared online, with pictures and measurements available, to help spur local residents, who have already been coming up with ideas.

Bocock’s wants the edible garden to be a community asset, one that belongs to, and is controlled by, the people of Salford.

He said: “We’re really just trying to get people to engage with the outdoors. With this focus on the green environment now, its good for your mental health.  

“Somebody could draw it out on a piece of A4 and just have a play of putting ideas down on it. You know like splitting it up into different areas or maybe putting a path through it.”

Permission to use the above images received from Ian Bocock, they can be found on Incredible Education’s website

The aim is for this space to be designed, controlled, and overseen by the people of Salford with a focus on community building and home grown food.

If you’re interested in contributing to the Salford community garden, you can send your ideas or designs to, or contact them on their Facebook page.


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