LGBT Quiz Miss Blair

Salford Pride have presented a quiz night hosted by Miss Blair to celebrate LGBT+ history month.

The event was hosted by Miss Blair on the 20th of February, with performances, music and £200 worth of prizes.
Miss Blair Credit: Salford Pride Instagram

Connor James, Head of Events at Salford Pride, said: “Miss Blair is a drag queen who I have known for years now [and] I know Miss Blair well and I thought well we’re doing a quiz I used to love Miss Blair’s quiz, so why not get her she’s going to be doing some performances.

“I was a regular I used to go every Sunday on the house wine… It was the same people every week. It was a nice little community quiz and I thought that it would be nice to create that community spirit onto a digital event…

“I think it’d be good to get people connected, so many people are isolated throughout these times especially in the LGBT community some people aren’t in-touch with their families or any like-minded individuals to have that sense of connection.”


The interview with Connor James can be watched here:

Connor’s advice is: “To learn from people and understand people it’s not hard to listen to people and listen to people’s experiences… and understand I feel like a much more open minded person, a much more knowledgeable person and I feel like that benefits me.

“Most people outside of the gay world haven’t met a transgender person that they know of, so you just have to go out of your way to understand… rather than to make assumptions.”

Salford Pride is for the community by the community and they rely on the people within the community to do what they do, they run lots of different events throughout the year for LGBT+ people and for the community.

You can get in-touch with Salford Pride’s, Miss Blair’s and Suzie’s social media here: Salford Pride, Miss Blair & Suzie

You can apply to volunteer here for on the day volunteering events, this will continue once the Covid restrictions have lifted.

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