Salford MP Rebecca Long-Bailey met students to discuss the possibility of reimbursing student loans on a virtual Town Hall meeting last night.

The meeting comes after the President of the Students Union, Temi Adebayo sent an open letter to Mrs Long- Bailey asking her to join the students at the University to campaign for change.

Earlier this month, the Union’s staff released a statement joining the #EaseTheFees movement online, with a nationwide lack of face-to-face learning, practice space, and cancelled field trips leaving students feeling angry with the level of education they have received since the Pandemic.

More than 150 people joined the call, sharing their learning experiences with the MP, with the hope of her public support.

Issues such as placement requirements for student nurses and midwives, and the 85% more international students are expected to pay plus students’ mental health was discussed.

The Union explained that it understands the situation the Government is in. The letter to the MP stated: “We recognise that it is not possible for the University to refund students’ tuition fees directly without causing detrimental financial instability for the institution.

Agreeing, Mrs Long Bailey continued: “I’d hope students started to campaign against the tuition fee system – 83% of students not re-paying loan back.”

One student voiced his concerns on the lack of skills graduates will have going into the job market, and how other years will be more/ less qualified.

Mrs Long- Bailey agreed: “There needs to be an element of job guarantee – students need to be given meaningful skills training or education.
“I don’t think the Government have thought about this. The wave of redundancies is going to be profound.”

The MP urged students to contact her with questions for Parliament. She said: “I’m supposed to be your voice in Westminster. Never be behind the door and just ask me, that’s my job and I’ll always do that.”

The Student Union officials asked students to follow them on @salfordsu on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to share their stories.
To raise any queries or issues with the MP, email

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