WTP Spring Masterclass Series

Salford art experts Walk the Plank have announced a new series of masterclasses as part of their Elevate project this spring.

The programme, which is a collaboration with Manchester City Council and funded by Arts Council England, aims to support regional artists to create world-class art in the public realm.

Lauren Barton, production manager and producer at Walk the Plank, said: “Obviously, with the pandemic, it’s been slightly different over this past year.

“We did three [masterclasses] before Christmas, we’ve launched these three for spring and we’re also going to be launching another three after Easter.

“When we were programming the autumn/winter series, we were able to deliver one socially distanced at our site at Cobden Works which was great, and it sold out very quickly.”

The Spring Masterclass Series will feature a selection of online workshops hosted by three tutors specialising in creative engagement and storytelling.

Lauren explained: “The first three for spring are a whole mix of sessions about practical skills and more creative-based sessions as well.

“Even though I think there’s quite a lot of online fatigue, I think people are also keen to learn and develop their skills and use this time when they may not be working as normal to keep those skills ticking over or learning new things.”



Although Walk the Plank are cautiously approaching the return of their in-person events, the organisation is aware of how important these will be for local creatives.

Lauren reflected: “It’s been a rollercoaster!

“I think, especially for the outdoor arts world, it’s been such an uncertain time and a lot of people have really felt they haven’t known when their work would be coming back…

“So, for an organisation like us, staying committed to those people and the work gives people a sense of hope.”

The Elevate 2020/21 – Spring Masterclass Series will run from March 17 to April 1.

For more information and to book a place, click here.

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