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Covid-19 cases are decreasing in Salford as more and more people are vaccinated.

Cases in Salford peaked in early November, where 658.7 people out of 100,000 had tested positive.

However, since the rollout of the vaccine, late February saw only 179.3 cases per 100,000.

The NHS website for Salford asked people to: “Continue to abide by hands, face, space guidance, which will still save lives.”

Are you eligible?

There are certain groups that are eligible for the vaccine in Salford:

  • Those aged 55 years and above
  • Carers (18+)
  • Those that are shielding from the virus
  • Those invited to their GP for an annual review of their long term condition
  • Most people that receive the annual flu jab

There are three large sites for vaccination in Clarendon, Irlam and Eccles leisure centres, in addition to pop-up clinics in different areas of the city.

Gary Miller, a systems engineer working from home during the pandemic, said: “I can’t wait for the vaccine roll-out to be complete so I can return to work in Media City.

“Despite the scare-mongering, I think the vaccines are safe and the only way to stop the virus spreading.”

For more information on the vaccines approved in the UK, click here or watch the video below.




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