Owners of Bakers Bakery, Natasha Baker and Aaron France, have taken a new approach to the standard dog treats.

Whilst being in lockdown and furloughed, Aaron and Natasha decided to create a new branch of treats for dogs. They wanted to find a product that was unique and not yet on the market.

Moving away from traditional ‘chewies’ and biscuits, they have created ‘Pupcorn’ a natural pet-friendly popcorn snack, made with only natural ingredients.

Natasha explained that a lot of dog treats on the market are filled with artificial flavourings and that they didn’t want their brand to be like that.

She said: “I wouldn’t give them something I wouldn’t eat myself, we’re both from the food industry and try to make it as clean a label as possible, we don’t agree with long ingredients lists where nothing is natural, and everything is artificial just to keep costs low.”

Photo Credit: Natasha Baker

The family-run business started up in November 2020, which started out as a side project and has blossomed into a well-loved brand. Natasha and Aaron both work within the food industry and spend their free time researching the best flavours for their ‘pupcorn’.

“There’s a massive doggy community. We do research into what they can eat and what they can’t eat.”

The couple uses their own dog, Max, as their “chief taster” to try new flavours and ideas before they launch. Pup Treats BB has focused on developing treats that are safe for all dogs with ingredients that are not only delicious but also have health benefits.

Their ‘Pupcorn’ comes in four flavours; Apple and Cinnamon, Peanut butter, Cranberry and Vanilla and Blueberry.

They pride their business on being natural and 100% safe for human and animal consumption.

They said: “We have a few dogs that have sensitive stomachs that can’t really eat treats, but they haven’t had a problem with the popcorn.”

Natasha and Aaron are branching out and developing new flavours, they would like to keep creating all natural dog friendly treats.

As most people have faced lockdown since March 2020, more local businesses have been popping up in and around Salford making the community stronger and helping people strive in their newfound careers

You can find Natasha and Aaron on their Instagram, @Puptreats_bb.

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