A man is set to climb Mount Snowdon in flippers later this year, after completing the world’s longest walk in aquatic footwear back in 2017.

Craig Keatley on the Victoria Warehouse billboard representing The Christie 

Craig Keatley has already raised £11,500 for his chosen cause, The Christie Charity, but he is keen to rush to the next challenge.

The 51-year-old civil servant said: “I have decided that I’m going to flipper walk up Mount Snowdon later this year, which let’s just say, it’s going to be tricky. It is completely different to anything I have done before.

“I know a couple of people who have been through the doors of The Christie, so many people get cancer and we need to do more to help people survive it.”

Craig added: “My first ever event was the Salford 10km  in 2017, I actually went around twice to do 20km.”

His other money-raising achievements include a 20-hour, 200-mile bike ride from Salford’s Coronation Street set, all the way to Eastenders set in London; as well as running in slippers from Liverpool to Manchester.

Craig finishing his 2018 flipper run at Heaton Park

He has also raised just under £2,500 for Forever Manchester, a charity that supports the Manchester community across multiple different sectors.

Back in 2017, Keatley became the world’s first extreme flipper walker, walking 31 miles in the unusual footwear.

He said: “There’s a reason why I am the only one that has flipper walked them sort of miles.

“After my first flipper walk, I had never been so ill in all my life. With five miles to go, I was physically sick, broken.”

He added: “It was a combination of mental strength and my mates pulling me through it, they got me through the dark times.”

Craig doing his 31-mile flipper walk back in 2017.

Craig said he got the idea to walk in the scuba shoes from a memory of the early nineties.

He said: “I was clubbing in Urmston, at Yates Wine Lodge. It was a beach party-themed night, and guess what? I showed up in flippers – it was one of the greatest nights of my life.

“Fast forward to 2017, I was trying to find something quirky to do for Charity, and the flippers came back into my mind.”

When asked if he would try to beat his own thirty-one-mile record, he said “We’ll see how this Snowdon thing goes, there might be an idea of beating my own record.”

“It is all subject to medical things, but I think my record will be standing for a very long time anyway.”

To support Craig’s fundraising, click here.

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