Hairdressers and Barbers across Salford have been inundated with bookings and walk-ins this week, with most completely booked up.

This comes as a relief for business owners as they bid to bounce back from financial turmoil caused by successive lockdowns.

Karen Vernon, owner of Hair Razors in Salford Shopping City said: “We’re fully booked today- about 20 clients.

“If it was just a normal Monday, we’d probably have five or six.”

Hair Razors Storefront on Salford Precinct. Copyright Marcus Smith

The situation is the same across Salford.

Avesta Hair and Beauty co-owner Amin Ramshini said: “We had about thirty to forty booked today- It’s about five times more than usual.”

Avesta Hair and Beauty at close of business on Monday. Copyright Marcus Smith

Barbers and salons have been noticeably missed, with those queuing up showing off their long hair and bushy beards.

One customer waiting in line said: “I tried to cut it myself with some razors over lockdown but I last had a proper trim before Christmas.”

Hair care establishments have been closed since January 5 when the third national lockdown came into force.

This has left businesses to rely on grants from the government to avoid closure, which means some may still face financial trouble after reopening.

Avesta Hair and Beauty storefront. Copyright Marcus Smith

Mr Ramshini added: “We definitely felt an impact. Big time.

“I think the next six months to a year will be spent recovering”

Ms Vernon added: “It’s now just a case of consolidating and moving on for the future.”

People took to social media to describe the busy scenes across the city.

As the first week of business draws to a close, there are no signs of slowing as razors and hair dryers brace for another busy week.

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