The Salford creative space, Islington Mill, is opening with a free public screening of the rich heritage of the building from the years; 1823 to today.

The event is to be hosted this Thursday, 22nd of April at 11am, and will be followed by a Q&A panel and a live virtual tour of the Mill on their Instagram.

The Q&A discussion panel will feature; Bernadette Bone, a conservation architect and heritage consultant, Chris Wild, Salford Archaeology and specialises in built heritage, Bill Campbell, the owner, founder and director of Islington Mill and Maurice Carlin, a founding director of Islington Mill, and the discussion will start at 1pm.

The screening,“From Industry To Art”, will showcase the intriguing history of the Islington Mill building, educating the public on the history of the Georgian building techniques and the buildings history as a cotton spinning mill.

Credit: Islington Mill
The image with the feathers in the attic is from Susie MacMurray’s site specific work ‘Stratum’ which is featured in the film.

Isobel Moloney, Programme and Data Assistant said: “‘From Industry To Art’ is a short film made by our tenants IMPATV to explore and celebrate Islington Mill’s heritage. The main Mill building is having work done in order to protect it for the future, and originally there was going to be hard hat tours to show some of the interesting aspects of the building and its heritage.

Unfortunately, because of COVID, this was not possible – but it did mean that we are able to record a ‘hard hat tour’ film that explores the building’s history as a mill that was built in 1823, to its use today as a versatile arts space.”

The film will feature Bernadette Bone, a conservation architect and heritage consultant, Chris Wild from Salford Archaeology, founder Bill Campbell, and some artists who have had residencies over the years such as Alistair McClymont, Sophie Clements and Susie MacMurray.

To support Islington Mill follow their social media and head to their website to keep updated on their events, workshops and talks that they will be hosting throughout the year.

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