The Swinton Poolhall owner, Dave Spencer, has expressed the need for him to be able to open up next month.

The family-run leisure business has been closed since the end of October, but subject to government approval, should be allowed to reopen from May 17.

Spencer has expressed his excitement at being able to open up again, but admits the last year has been tough for the 41 year old venue, who had to furlough 14 of its staff.

He said: “We’re just really eager to get open and be able to deal with the debts we’ve accrued over the last year.

“Time’s kind of running out for us really, we’ve spent all our reserves and more with rent, gas, water, they all still want paying, as well as corporation tax and accrued holidays to our staff.”

Image Credit: Swinton Poolhall

“Luckily the government and Salford Council have passed on a sizeable amount of grants that aren’t repayable, but even we’ve these we’ve had to get involved with the bounce back loan scheme.”

“If we don’t open, every week that we stay closed costs us more debt, and ultimately we have no more reserves to go back on, so yes we definitely need to reopen.

The business has been run by the Spencer family since its opening in 1980, and offers a bar, pool tables, dart boards, bowls as well as a gym.

Image Credit: Swinton Poolhall

Critically though the gym has had to remain closed though despite being able to open from April 12, due to not having a separate entrance to access it.

The gym, along with all the other facilities of the town centre venue, should though be open in just four weeks time, and Spencer has expressed his delight about being able to open the doors again.

Image Credit: Swinton Poolhall

He explained: “For both our staff and customers, we’re so desperately looking forward to opening fully up again.

“It will really feel be a novel moment when we finally reopen again, I just hope all our customers come back and use our facilities, which would be great.”

In one positive of being closed, since last being open, facilities at the venue have been improved with a new bar area, ceiling tiles being replaced and the centre painted, which Spencer admits would not have happened if not for the lockdown.

All government guidelines will be adhered to in the revamped venue when it does open, with drinks only being able to be consumed while sitting down, as well as mask-wearing on entry.

Image Credit: Google maps streetview

The hope for Spencer, who has been involved in the business his whole life, is that the reopening will be a successful one, and that in the near future normality can be restored, ahead of a planned 40 year celebration party in the near future.

He revealed: “Looking forward, hopefully from July 25 we can take take masks off, and we can return to how things used to be.”

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