A Salford florist has organised a litter pick to commemorate World Earth Day.

Jenna Spavin, 27, set up her business Florist Rookie at the start of the pandemic, and now she wants people to join her in helping clean up the streets of Salford. 

image credits go to Zak Damelio

She said: “Personally and professionally for me, both the environment and being as eco-conscious as possible are extremely important.

“It’s pretty bad around here, but I can’t make an impact alone.”

Following Covid guidelines, the group will meet at Makers Quarter on Worrall Street at 10am this Saturday and remove litter from areas around Ordsall Lane.

The Salford litter pick up is in collaboration with Salford City on Point, who co-ordinate between volunteers and Salford City Council to dispose the collected waste.

Zak Damelio is an organiser of the group, he said: “Salford City on Point are essential for improving engagement by giving clearer and easier opportunities to residents to get involved without much commitment.”

“We get all our equipment supplied by the council for free, as well as the channels to bring to light larger issues based around mis-use of waste refuse.”

The relationship between these groups and the community helps people become more aware of how they can help reduce their own waste.

Salford litter pick up
Salford City on Point collect litter around Salford and have the council dispose of it – image credits go to Zak Damelio

Jenna said: “Knowledge of community groups makes people more conscious when they are out and about, like to not just throw a wrapper.

“You can’t ignore it, I don’t know how people can watch these different eye opening documentaries and still ignore it.”

Volunteers have also been doing litter picking work in Salford Quays.

The World Earth Day event on Saturday can be signed up for here.

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