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New plans have been introduced by Salford Arts Theatre as they have decided to create a new “secret” community garden.

Over the past week, Salford Arts Theatre have set up a survey to find out more about what the community wants and how they can help.

Ronni Ellis, Joint Artistic Director at Salford Arts Theatre spoke more about the new space:

“We are in the process of applying for some funding to create the community garden with the community that surrounds the theatre.”

“At the side of the theatre there is a tiny bit of land that has not actually had any use as such.”

“We thought it would be a really good way to reconnect with the community and for people to connect with each other as well. “

Credit: Mia Duthil-McArthur

Ellis further added:

“We don’t know where the rules are going to lie in 3,4,5 months’ time so having an outside space with an element of undercover will be great.”

“We want to make it as accessible as possible so everybody can have an opportunity to embrace the space.”

Demetria Papaminas, Theatre and Performance Practice Student at The University of Salford, also spoke about the upcoming green space at Salford Arts Theatre:

“I honestly believe a new space for the community will be great in bringing people together.

As a theatre student myself I would definitely consider coming to Salford Arts Theatre once it reopens fully and use the new green space.”

The theatre has suffered with the conditions of the pandemic as many of their performances have been postponed or cancelled due to to current times.

Upcoming performances have been scheduled for 2021 in hope of things going back to normal in the next few months.

Ellis stated:

“We’ve got some social distancing performances as long as nothing changes at the end of May.

Then our hope is then the next part of the easing of the lockdown is June 21st and we’re hoping at that point we can have more going on.”

Please follow the link to a survey to help Salford Arts Theatre with their future outside community plans:


Credit: Salford Arts Theatre

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