Salford student Lorna Wood has started her own small business creating crocheted clothing and selling them on her Instagram page.

The second year student at the University of Salford started her business at the end of March and has already sold many pieces via Depop and her Instagram.

She has been making all of pieces by hand from her home such as summer tops, tote bags, sweater vests and jumpers.

She will use some of the proceeds to crochet warm clothing for homeless people.

She said: “I learned how to crochet during lockdown because I was bored and wanted to take up something new and really enjoyed making clothes for me and my friends so I decided I might as well start selling a few bits to earn a bit of money.”

At the beginning at April, Lorna decided that she wanted to give back to the community and create warm clothing to donate to those who need it.

She said: “Each month I’m using some of the profit I receive to buy materials so that I can make clothing for the homeless people of Manchester.

“I’m going to create socks, gloves, scarves etc and donate them to homeless shelters because they are the ones who really need it. If I can help them then I feel like I should.”

Lorna said on her Instagram page: “Homelessness is a huge issue affecting almost 300,000 people in the UK. Even with the summer months ahead, we all know just how cold some days and nights can be and I cannot even begin to imagine what those without homes are feeling.”

Her business is growing through various social platforms and being supported by the community of Salford and Manchester, as well as being part time based in North Ireland. Lorna’s business advocates for slow fashion in encouraging more sustainable clothing which avoids the wasteful cycle of  the fast fashion industry.

For more information or to order from Lorna’s page and give back to the community, visit her Instagram or Depop page.

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