Jumbo Jake

Salford boxer Jake ‘Jumbo’ Andrews will make his eagerly awaited professional debut next month.

Fighting out of Team Greaves in Oldham under coach Marvin Greaves, super-middleweight Jumbo says he’s aiming for a third round knockout in the bout at Sheffield Arena on June 18.

The 25-year-old boxer has had a successful amateur career, with 25 amateur bouts.

Jumbo said: “I have so many demons in the back of my mind which I am taking into the ring such as my mum and dad passing away.

“My plan is to give the fans a bit of a warmup in the first and second, then cut him down in the third round.

“It’s going to be a very good performance from myself, I feel fit and strong and all of Salford’s going to be behind me like they always are.”

Growing up in Lower Broughton, Jake found himself being targeted at a young age by bullies which resulted in a fight that led him to be excluded from school.

He added: “I was bullied at a young age because I was really fat, hence why they call me ‘Jumbo’ Jake.”

Eventually, his parents decided he needed a hobby and introduced him to boxing at Oliver’s Gym in Salford.

Jumbo said: “My dad’s last words haunt me every day, ‘I want to see you get back in the ring again’.

“I can’t wait to get out there and do what my dad’s always wanted me to do.”

After Jake’s mother Nicola passed away due to cancer, his father Alan Andrews faced further trauma which resulted in his suicide.

He said: “My dad struggled with mental health in the latter stages of his life, when my mum passed away, my mum was his rock for 25 years. You could imagine how much he loved my mum.

“And then he lost his way really. He was attacked in town and hit in the back of the head. He suffered with a stroke and a spinal injury from that. He was then out of work.

“It all went wrong for him at the wrong time.”

Now a huge advocate for mental health awareness through his Instagram videos and boxing, Jumbo intends to continue to raise awareness for mental health issues particularly for men who struggle to speak up.

Losing his parents has given Jake much more drive as he intends to achieve his goal of one day becoming a world champion.

Fans can follow Jumbo Jake on Instagram.

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