An increased police and security presence is expected at Manchester United’s stadium tonight over fears of further protests.

Fences and barriers have also been put up around the stadium after last week’s pitch invasion, which led to the Red Devil’s game against Liverpool being called off.

The supporters’ protests have been aimed at the club’s owners, the Glazers. Their failed attempt to join the controversial European Super League sparked old tensions between the supporters and owners.

One supporter on twitter said: “In my opinion, whatever the outcome tonight, there’s already a win.

“The Glazers have spent hefty amounts on barriers, security, policing and plans – all to make Old Trafford look like Checkpoint Charlie – whilst the roof still leaks and sponsors are watching on horrified.”

Another said: “Glazers ownership doesn’t just affect the men’s team, It affects all aspects of the club From top to bottom, From Security worker at Old Trafford to CEO of the club This club is rotten. Sad to see the decline/death of my beautiful club each and every single day. #GlazersOut”

Crowds are expected to gather again tonight ahead of the 8.15pm kick off. As a result there has been a step up in the security from the club and Greater Manchester Police.

Despite this Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp said: “(He had) no concerns. We trust the authorities. We weren’t in danger last time. I have no idea what will happen tomorrow night.”

Following the increased police presence, a Greater Manchester Police spokesperson said: “We have reviewed our approach again following the events of last weekend and planned appropriate resourcing to ensure the safety of all those present at this weekend and next week’s fixtures.

“Each operation is thoroughly planned based on the intelligence and information we have available so that we can ensure that everyone in attendance, the local community and our officers are safe so that everyone can enjoy the game.”


Featured image: HonorTheKing, CC BY-SA 4.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons

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