Box on the Docks

Visitors to MediaCityUK have a fresh spot to grab a drink thanks to the launch of the new Box on the Docks this month.

Opened at the beginning of May, the outdoor dining experience involves a collection of sheds, greenhouses and picnic tables that host customers for eateries including Seven Brothers, Vertigo and the Box on the Docks Bar and Grill.

Zac Beckford, duty manager for Box on the Docks, said: “So far things have been going alright!

“Unfortunately the weather’s been terrible, and we’re very weather-dependent here.

“But things are looking up though – we’ve had the sausages on, and we’re going to continue getting different pop-ups with drinks and food to see if we can push it further.”

Award-winning business Grandad’s Sausages is currently on a three-week residency at the Box on the Docks Bar and Grill restaurant.

Additionally, for guests who want to grab and go, Zac and his team can be found serving a range of local food and drink.

He explained: “All our pastries are done by a company down in Withington called the Batard Bakehouse, and they’re quite good.

“We’ve also got the SEVEN BRO7HERS which is made just down the road.

“So it’s takeaway coffees and stuff like that, and the drinks are all table service.”

A few of the boxes at Box on the Docks (image taken by Sophie Hodgetts)

With an exciting announcement to come, Box on the Docks will soon be offering MediaCityUK’s visitors even more to choose from.

Zac said: “I think MediaCity’s starting to grow a bit more in popularity – there’s a lot of people who live round here and work round here, so it’s a good area for that sort of footfall.

“And with the garden and everything they’ve done, I think there’s a lot of exciting opportunities.

“I find it to be quite a European way of being, like in the UK you don’t usually find this sort of area with the plaza and places to drink and sit down and everything, so that’s a big plus of it.”

To find out more and book a box, click here.

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