More support will be given to self-isolators as part of the piloting of new funding to tackle areas with high infection rates.

Salford, as part of Greater Manchester’s new funding, will receive increased help for people self-isolating as a result of contracting Covid-19.

The scheme is intended to encourage people to get themselves tested and self-isolate if their test is found positive.

There will be “buddying” services for self-isolators needing mental health support as well as alternative accommodation for those in crowded homes.

There will also be social care support and language communication services for people who do not speak English as their first language.

These developments are as a result of multiple surveys carried out in March that showed worrying statistics of self-isolators.

Experts involved found that 43% of people that had had coronavirus symptoms in the previous seven days committed to the full ten-day self-isolation period. It also showed that men, younger people and those with children were less likely to self-isolate as were those from a working-class background or experiencing financial trouble.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock has said these new efforts are “vital” in our bid to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

He also said, “variants have the potential to be a Trojan horse for our hard-won progress and it is more vital than ever that we do what we can to show the exit door, following the rules and self-isolating when asked.”



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