Calling all parents of 10-13 year olds who love music, singing and dancing. ‘Bubble up’ activities is hosting a wide range of events this half term in Green Grosvenor park, for free 

The ‘Bubble up’ half term sessions will be running up to the first of August. One of the numerous aims of the project is to ensure children transferring from primary to secondary school have good connections with other children outside of school.

‘Bubble up” provides time and space for young children and is completely free. The project has been funded by the charity “Curious minds” and “takes a very localised approach.”, says Ben Turner, a group organiser.

Ben also says: The need for time and space is very important for these young children”.  It is a very laidback approach which comes as a welcome break. According to Ben, as “Everything has been so formal the last 15 months or so and we recognise that.”

Activities are running throughout half term and up until August 1st. They are centred mostly around team building, dancing and music, due to the links that the Lowry and Green Grosvenor park have to the arts.

Ben says: “The programme is free to any child and we really look forward to having people participate. It has been a very strange time. I think that there is an interest and appetite to do things but everyone has gotten so used to not doing things, which is a shame.”

Ben adds: “Come to the summer if the weather is nice people will want to be outside and I reckon when we get to august and September there will be so many things that we can do…hopefully. It is going to take a while to settle back into things”.



On June 2nd ‘Bubble up’ will be hosting movement and dance classes for the children. Thursday and Friday will see the children making music, singing and playing some surprise instruments. Saturday and Sunday will be an arts and craft weekend designing bunting and flags. However, Ben warns to bring your own packed lunch.

Something a little further on the horizon for ‘Bubble up’ is the music and dance performance planned for August 1st.  Ben says: “We’re very excited to announce this but we are taking very small steps as we go forward.”


All sessions take place at Cobden works, 37-41 Cobden St, Salford M6 6WF. Due to Covid restrictions there are a maximum of 12 spaces per group. Anyone looking for anymore information on the events over summer can contact Ben Turner on

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