Kids club Bubble Up is inviting children aged 10-13 to fun and free sessions at Walk The Plank in Salford, where they will be moving, making and getting musical to create something exciting.

Keri Muldoon, 46, of Lower Broughton, along with her team, has set up these sessions from June 1-6 which will eventually lead to a maypole being installed in the park.

She said: “So the idea bubble up came from lockdown and bubbles, basically it’s all going to come together as the movement,

Green Grovener Park Salford, Google maps

“So it’s three classes joined together, because of Covid we had to stick with the regulations, so 12 per class, it’s 36 all together.

“We’ve tried to base it around year 6 and 7, aiming for 10-13 year olds, as they’re good at learning quickly.”

Keri explained: “For movement, on the 1st and 2nd of June, they’ll learn a dance around the pole, getting involved in the dance.

“For music, on the 3rd and 4th of June, we are aiming at using bells and also got boomwhackers. They are an instrument like an empty tube. They make funny noises, and the kids will be learning a kick clap stamp to an Irish song.

“Then the making, on the 5th and 6th, they’ll make all the banners and the flags. Once it gets out it’s going to be like the inside of a massive marquee with no cover.

“All the classes at the end will then bubble up.”

The classes each day are 11am-5pm. Children will be provided with snacks and juice, they just need to bring a packed lunch.

The classes can be booked in advance or children can simply turn up on the day.

Prior to Covid, Keri would usually be holding slightly different, drama-based, classes for children.

She said: “I do this a lot and run classes throughout the year, for a performance in the summer.

“This year we have the event on the 1st august summer funday – instead of classes for the perfomance this is what we’ve been able to do with Covid.

“Then we will see when it comes to August if there’s another lockdown.”

Keri works as a voluntary community organiser,

“I run lots of different groups. I just do little activities, for example painting rocks to keep their little minds occupied and show them that the world’s not ending!”

“I do lots of things. I got home today and my phone’s been blowing up.”

Any children who want to join in can head to Walk The Plank, Cobden Street, Salford M6 6FW.

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