Wandering Palate

After weeks of building their unique shop in Monton, Emma and Will Evans finally opened the doors of The Wandering Palate on the 29th May. Since then, it has been a huge success. 

The couple announced their project at the start of May, with hopes of bringing everything they love to eat and drink under one roof. However, they didn’t expect to have such an overwhelmingly positive effect on their community.

Emma said: “We didn’t know what kind of response we were going to get, so we were both extremely relived to see people queuing and coming in and being really supportive.

“We want to say a massive thank-you for everyone’s support and love. The first week has been a real success, we’re both really happy. The community has been fantastic, we’ve had non- stop positive feedback. Were going to continue evolving, developing, and dropping new products and just keeping it new and exciting.”

Emma explained the layout of their shop, and some of the products that they’ve now got in their range.

“As you come into the shop, you will be greeted with herb boxes. So, since I’ve moved to Monton, I’ve always wanted to create a community herb patch, and this was just a perfect opportunity to create it.

“We’ve got dark mint, coriander, basil, chamomile, chives, and rosemary. It’s all there for the community, so if somebody is making a Sunday roast and they want some rosemary to throw in their roast potatoes, just come to The Wandering Palate and help yourselves!”

They also currently have over 150 different types of wines that they plan to evolve further, with Will giving his weekly recommendations for ‘wine of the week’.

Photographs taken by Joseph Scanlon

“To the left of the shop, we’ve got our white wines and fizz fridge. It was really important to us that our white wines are cold, so you can go home straight away and enjoy a cold white wine.

“Behind the shop counter, we’ve got our spirit range. Within this, I’ve also got non-alcoholic spirits. I’ve got a lot of friends who are mums-to-be, or are just having a break from alcohol, so I just wanted to make sure we had that offering, and these non-alcoholic spirits are fantastic.

“We’ve got Ancoats Gin and Salford Rum, because it was really important to us to have as many local and independent brands as possible.”

As well as this, The Wandering Palate stock ice cream from Grandpa Greene’s in Saddleworth, coffee from Manchester coffee houses such as Mancoco and Heart & Graft, and cheese from The Crafty Cheese Man.

Photographs taken by Joseph Scanlon

“We’re so proud to be working with independent brands who are passionate about their craft.

“The ice creams have gone down really well! All the fruits are sourced from the UK where they can, and we’ve had a really positive response from it. Again, were going to keep introducing different flavours to keep it constantly moving and have that freshness and newness.

“All the cheese is fantastic quality. We’ve also got charcuterie from Trealy Farm, and we have a UK beer fridge where we stock Manchester Union Larger from Will’s brewery, Manchester Union Brewery.

“Then, right at the back of the store we’ve got shelves with really luxury larder, provisions, lots of delicious chutneys and pickles, and different oils.”

Emma explained how their dog, Flynn, is a huge part of their life and family. For this reason, it was really important to them, that The Wandering Palate is dog friendly.

“It has meant that we have met so many gorgeous furry friends! The plan is, to have a great dog range, but were still working on that.”

The range that Will and Emma have introduced into their shop, is everything they ‘believe in and love’. However, they want to keep it growing.

“We’ve been asking people for recommendations, so if there’s anything that they really believe in that they would like to see in The Wandering Palate, please DM us with suggestions.”

Follow The Wandering Palate on Instagram for further updates, or visit their shop at 191 Monton Rd, Eccles.



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