The Mum2Mum market in Swinton was set up two years ago and is back on Saturday, June 26 for a Covid-safe return.

Jo Hewitt and her family run the market to help families that are unable to afford full-price clothing and toys for their children.

She said: “We bought a franchise in the area as we are passionate about helping families in the local community to be able to afford things for their children without having to pay a fortune and get so much more for their money.”

Image credit: Jo Hewitt

Based at Fletcher Hall on Vicarage Road in Swinton, the market allows families to buy or sell old items such as clothes, books, toys and baby equipment for children age 0-6 years old.

“The families who choose to book a stall make some space at home and also make some money back for themselves and help the environment too by recycling,” said Jo.

“We see lots of returning stall holders and which we have built up good relationships with.”

With sellers able to have their own stall for just £16, Mum2Mum has become popular with locals with many returning attendees, some days seeing 200 plus people through the doors.

Image credit: Jo Hewitt

Its growing reputation managed to acquire a sponsorship from one of the UK’s top nursery chains.

She said: “We are really lucky to be sponsored by Kids Planet Day Nurseries an amazing and outstanding nursery group, who have nurseries through North West and further afield, which I would thoroughly recommend.”

On sale day, the family set up all the stalls themselves, with her mum priding herself on her popular refreshment stall.

She said: “To know we are helping families in the local area to be able to afford things they may not have been able to at the original price and to encourage recycling is amazing.

“I mean who doesn’t like a bargain. It’s a win win situation for sellers and buyers.”

Over lockdown, many families have struggled through the loss of jobs and having to stay at home. Mum2Mum’s return aims to help in any way possible, by providing cheaper alternatives to shop-bought children’s items.

Image credit: Jo Hewitt

Abiding by the government guidelines, the June 26 return will hopefully be the first of many markets after the halt throughout lockdown.

Jo said: “We have been busy by ensuring the markets are safe and socially distanced and have additional friends and family to help.

“We ask people to wear masks and use sanitiser in the way in to the market and to wear a mask when coming along to protect our community so we can get back to some kind of normal.”

To find more information about the Mum2Mum market and their franchise, visit its website.

Mum2Mum market, June 26 at Fletcher Hall on Vicarage Road, Swinton. 2-4pm

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