Buile Hill restoration

The restoration of Buile Hill Mansion has taken another step forward.

Salford City Council has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Buile Hill Mansion Association (BHMA).

Both parties have agreed to work together and with other groups interested in the mansion and the park in a spirit of mutual confidence and trust to develop and agree proposals to bring Buile Hill Mansion and the adjoining depot area back into sustainable use.

The renovation has been the source of much debate and has gone on for several years as the mansion stands abandoned.

The grounds have since become the site of a sensory garden for the community.

The council and BHMA are meeting monthly to develop a shared vision and future uses for the mansion and depot and to create a business case covering the cost of restoring and running the building. The public will be consulted in the near future once proposals have been further developed.

Ahead of the full restoration of the mansion Salford City Council will fund and undertake work to maintain the fabric of the building and depot and prevent further deterioration and start to tidy up and clear away old display materials and rubbish from the rooms inside.

Salford City Mayor Paul Dennett said: “Once again I reaffirm my commitment to restoring Buile Hill Mansion.

“The overall aim is to find a long-term appropriate use for this important historic building with community use at its heart.

“I’d like to thank Buile Hill Mansion Association for working with us to turn the aim into a reality. Their hard work and dedication is greatly appreciated.”

Jennifer-Anne Smith, of Buile Hill Mansion Association, said: “This is the biggest step forward since the Buile Hill Mansion Association formed in 2018. We have this commitment from the council as well as the fantastic support of the community. There are exciting times ahead.”

Buile Hill Mansion is set in the grounds of Buile Hill Park, a Grade II listed public park. The mansion was built between 1825 and 1827 for Thomas Potter, the first elected Mayor of Manchester. The original building was designed by distinguished architect Sir Charles Barry, who later built Manchester Art Gallery, rebuilt the Houses of Parliament, and re-modelled Trafalgar Square as well as many country houses and churches across the country.

The featured image shows: left to right Jennifer-Anne Smith, Petra Vanila Vartovnikova, Markéta Crehan Lážová and Wendy Francis with City Mayor Paul Dennett.

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