Buile Hill Mansion Association has re- opended the Sensory Garden at Buile Hill Park, with added arts and crafts sessions.

Buile Hill Mansion in Buile Hill park, off Langworthy road, has been closed for 20 years, a long with its Sensory Garden which was for the blind in 1963.

The association has now re-opened the garden for the public, and plans to re-open the mansion with help from Salford City Council. 

Association member Marketa, 36, from Pendlebury, said:

“In 2018 there was meant to be new houses built in the park, there was a massive uproar after that.

“We got together in 2018 and have now signed a contract with the Mayor of Salford and work closely with the council.”

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Marketa, along with the rest of the association group, wants to bring the mansion back to life, rather than it continue to have no use.

“Something needs to happen now or it will be out of use,” she said.

“When the mansion was closed, the garden closed and it was left as it was.”

“We came to an agreement with the council and they have given us the keys to the sensory garden,

“In 1963 it was a garden for the blind, before it had a different design.”

With help from donations and volunteers the garden is on its way to becoming something beautiful again:

“Covid put everything on hold, we are back to it now and are regular; volunteers come at 10 until 2 on Sunday’s,

“There are plants, cake sales and flowers, our volunteers can work on their mental health, they love to do this.”

“We want to plant more plants, with smell sight sand and touch on different flower beds.”

” (We) want to bring the mansion back to life”

Flowers (permission to use from bhma)

“Volunteers can work on their mental health”

BHMA have now raised 78% of their target from their croudfunder.

Arts Let Loose CIC is another non-profit organisation who are making a difference in the Salford community, they have given the BHMA art packs so they can set up arts and craft days for families.

“People can come in for a family session children can get creative, it will be in the sensory garden.”

“People can come in and have a mooch about, teas and biscuits, we got a donation from morrisons, tea we bought. The first craft session is on Sunday, 10-1.”

“The first craft session is on Sunday, 10-1”

Free Family Craft Session (permission to use from bhma)
Arts And Crafts (permission to use from bhma)








“And, there will eventually be adults arts and crafts sessions.”

To donate to the crowdfunder clickhere:

You can also follow this link to the Buile Hill Mansion’s Facebook’s page here:


And, for Arts Let Loose CIC page follow this link:



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