Barton City Airport in Eccles will be hosting an upcoming gig with The Goat Roper Rodeo Band.

Band members Jim Davies, Tom Davies and Sam Roberts take to the stage in the Veterans Garage terminal building on August 20.

Jim, the lead guitarist, and Tom, the double bassist, are brothers. Sam the vocalist is their childhood friend, so they have been a tight-knit community for many years. They also spent a lot of lockdown together.

Singer Sam Roberts said: “To be honest we absolutely thrived during the lockdowns! At first in March 2020, we were fearing the worst for the band. We all live together, and touring is our lifeblood. But we took the time away from the road as a chance to really delve into the creative side of recording music.

“We did a ton of music videos, live streams and home recordings. We’re actually working on a new record right now which we’re doing completely at home. It’s a lot of fun and I feel like our musicality jumped up a level thanks to that time spent in isolation.”

Most bands take inspiration from lots of different creative sources.

He said: “I’d say country/blues are probably the biggest influences on our music, Bob Dylan, The Stones, Gram Parsons to name a few, but we listen to a bit of everything. Jim and Tom’s father is from Liverpool so obviously, we’re huge Beatles fans. We’re big on songwriting so whoever the artist we’re just trying to find and take in as many great songs as we can.”

At their upcoming Barton City Airport gig, they will share one of their most recent creations Athena’s Moon. Sam explains the making of the magic whilst also crediting Jim for the artwork.

“Athena’s Moon came around as a joint thing between Jim and I, Tom took a bit of a break from the band earlier this year to get his head in the right place, and Jim and I wrote a lot together in that time,” he said.

“We actually worked that one out in a day; Jim had the verse and we wanted to achieve a JJ Cale sort of feel with the tune. So that chorus came out when we were jamming together! It felt really natural and it’s one of the new tunes we’re most proud of. We really wanted to capture some dark otherworldly imagery, hence the reference to Athena and Neptune.

“Jim’s got to take credit for the artwork! During the winter he got really into pouring acrylic art. He created loads of cool trippy images.”

The band finally shared their plans for the future

“We’re in our element now things are moving again with regards to shows etc. We’re road dogs till the end and love nothing more than being out every weekend playing music to people. However we do feel we did a lot of growing emotionally and creatively over the last 18 months and it’s only gonna help put us in a healthier state of mind when touring. We have a fair few shows left in 2021 and we’re still recording the album with a view to release next year. It’s all exciting and we’re so glad to be back out in the world again.”

Tickets are £13 and selling quickly.

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