Black taxis in Salford, who will be facing the new taxi driver's dress code. Photo credit: Tommes64

Private hire cars in Salford have been given strict new rules regarding their behaviour and appearance when working.

The changes include bringing in a set dress code, a ban on eating and vaping in cars, tougher background checks, and English proficiency tests.

Stuart Ryan, 53, owner of Taxi Transfers in Salford said: “We’re in Salford, why shouldn’t we wear a uniform?”

Despite the city having award-winning taxi services, the new rules hope to improve the public perception of taxi drivers. The uniform and dress code is to stop drivers from wearing items such as shorts, football shirts, tracksuits and sandals or sliders, in order to improve the image of private-hire car drivers.

Taxi Transfers have already purchased shirts for their drivers to adhere to the new taxi driver’s dress code, and have even installed CCTV in some of their vehicles for passenger and driver safety.

Stuart added: “I installed CCTV in my car and people do act differently since I have had it, people’s attitudes towards myself and the vehicle have improved.

“It is excellent on both sides…It gives security and provides proof if anything were to happen”.

The new taxi driver’s dress code is coming into place after all 10 boroughs signed up to minimum standards agreement that will outline a stricter code of conduct for drivers.

In addition, the rules will now force drivers to take the shortest routes possible, set a uniform price, and ask passengers for permission before using the radio.

Drivers will be restricted to using their horns only in an emergency and are expected to turn off their engines whilst waiting for passengers.

What do you think? Would these new rules improve your perception of taxi drivers in Salford? What else could be done to improve transport services in the city?


  1. It certainly is the way forward. Great idea!

  2. Barry Robinson

    Doesn’t apply to out of town drivers does it.
    I.E Sefton Knowsley Wolverhampton and a multitude of other boroughs,
    Make it compulsory for all drivers worjing in GM

  3. Rebecca heywood

    Sounds a fantastic concept and whole heartedly agree with it. We all make the effort when in customer facing roles, bus drivers, cabin crew, pilots, and lorry drivers wear a uniform. It gives the public a feeling of reassurance knowing that the driver belongs to a company. The benefit to the driver is that they too look professional but also can get government uniform tax relief .

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