To many people the 5th October is just an ordinary day, when in fact it is quite the opposite. Celebrated nationally, it is a day dedicated to being nice.

National Be Nice Day is a day concentrated on kindness towards yourself and others. Dating back to the first peace treaty in 1258 BCE, the Treaty of Kadesh became the first ever peace treaty to be negotiated.

The Treaty of Kadesh remains the pinpoint for the annually celebrated day, reminding people to take a moment to show gratitude and goodwill.

According to it also comes with beneficial health factors. By spreading cheer, the hormone, oxytocin is released, which is also known to help lower blood pressure.

We asked the Salford Community their thoughts on the national day, here is what they had to say…

“Well at the moment we’re doing a salon up for my daughter”

“My three kids and my wife paid for a holiday to Bali”

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