RHS Bridgewater Garden

Nearly five months since RHS Bridgewater Garden’s grand opening in Worsley, these pictures show the hard work put into the project across its sites to make it Salford’s biggest tourism spot for nearly two decades.

Ellesmere Lake:

At the site of two ponds dating back to 1848, the lake was emptied, dried and restored during its restoration. Now a perfect spot for an evening stroll, Ellesmere lake is home to a number of invertebrates and amphibians, as well as planted ornamentals such as water lilies and monkey flowers.

Chinese Streamside Gardens:

A celebration of Chinese culture and design, this spot at Bridgewater is home to a number of China’s native garden characteristics and plants such as a bamboo garden and snakebark maples. The predominantly woodland based garden is still in its early stages of development but is already a unique spot for its visitors thanks to it’s authentic Chinese composition.

Orchard Gardens:

A traditional, sustainable and richly biodiverse spot, the Orchard Gardens are an integral part of Bridgewater’s design. The spot will continue to evolve as fruit trees mature and further planting is added, with a number of plants aiming to preserve local fruit heritage.

Walled Gardens:

Located at the epicentre of RHS Bridgewater Garden, two gardens are enclosed within this 11 acre spot – the Paradise Garden occupying one half and the Kitchen Garden the other. Almost 3km of pathway were laid and planting beds, rills and water features were built, with an irrigation system, hidden below ground to allow the gardens above to flourish.

Salford residents are entitled to visit the garden every Tuesday free of charge for the first year but due to high demand, all garden visits must be pre booked currently.

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