Salford residents have noticed an increase in their weekly shopping bill due to rising food prices.

The boss of Kraft Heinz, Miguel Patricio, has warned consumers to prepare themselves for higher food prices as a result of inflation.

There is as an increasing demand for goods, and services have also struggled to keep up with demand meaning Salford residents face the challenge of paying more for their weekly shop.

One couple have already noticed the higher prices saying: “I think on certain things you have noticed there has been a bigger increase, especially meats and things like that.

“It is a big increase, it is not a two pence, it is 20 pence on some things.”

There is set to be a five per cent increase in the cost of essential items, meaning the average family is set to spend an additional £165 per year.

One Salfordian said: “I couldn’t tell you on individual products but my general food shopping amount has gone up, I couldn’t tell you on prices though.”

Another pair of Salford residents have described the same problem, they said: “I have not noticed it individually, but for a shop you do notice.

“As I am shopping now I have noticed I am spending a lot more than I used to.”

Here is a clip of two Salford residents discussing the rising food prices with our reporter, Stan Tomkinson.

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