Walkden's only Record store

The owner of Walkden’s only record store says it will cater for local tastes and recommendations.

Sticky Black Tarmac, launched in July 2021, has now opened in Walkden Town Centre.

The record shop describes itself as Walkden’s indie and new record retailer, aiming to tailor its products to the needs and wants of the community.

Brandan Nolan, 23, owner of Sticky Black Tarmac said that while music has always been a big part of his life, he only took interest in records at the age of 16 and has been passionate since then.

Mr Nolan said: “Records have always been around at home but to be honest I only took interest a few years back, one day I knew I wanted to get more involved, maybe start a shop or something like that.

“But I always thought it would be something I’d do further down, I’m only 23, but I think you’ve just got to go for it sometimes.

Mr Nolan admits he has had a mixed reception from friends and family to his new venture.

“I’ve never worked in a record shop before and some people may think that I’m a bit mad for starting this.

“But I think in lockdown a lot of people reflected and I’ve always thought it would be cool to have a local record shop.

“I’m a local myself and there’s not a place like this, the closest is Manchester or even Bury, the only local one closed down years ago.

“So, I signed some papers and was just a bit brave to be honest, yeah, it’s a little bit out the way but let’s just see how it goes for now”.

While Brandan’s shop is aimed at locals, he also seeks to encourage any individuals who are curious but might not know where to start when listening or starting their record collection.

He said, “I feel like there is still a type of stereotype around them, you know some people are freaked out going to a record shop, thinking oh gosh these people know so much more than me.

“But it’s not like that! Everyone is always really welcoming, people want you to get into records and just have a chat really.

“So, anyone local or even not local is welcome to come down for a chat it’s early days and as the catalogue builds you have a chance to stay informed on what is stocked going forward.

“As much as I enjoy recommending releases, I want to make sure this is a place that caters for local tastes”.

Walkden's only Record store
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After an individual shared one of his posts to the Walkden Community Facebook page, Brandan got a great response and all the support has been amazing he says.

“I was optimistic, I thought people were missing out on something like this around here and all the comments have been really nice, there used to be one years ago, so people have been really pleased to see it

“The older individuals walking past and younger people have been really positive, they have done a double take, like woah you have a record shop?”

Brandan says Salford residents are weclome to come down for a chat and browse.

Sticky Black Tarmac is based in Walkden Town Centre’s Pembroke Hall and is open to Salford residents from 9:30-17:00, Tuesday to Saturday every week.

Alternatively, you can visit the website to shop the full range of products or for any queries.

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