City Found It

‘City Found It’ is a collaborative project which aims to spread positivity through the power of art, and this week it is coming to Salford.

Emily, Victoria, and Heather, who are all from Manchester, founded the project back in March, originally to help cheer people up during lockdown.

Victoria Holland, (26), said: “We created a project called City Found It during the third national lockdown.

Image Credit: Emmie Norton

“We wanted to spread positivity while people were out doing their daily exercise, so we decided to come together and start hiding our art around cities for people to find.”

The girls hide their art in secret locations which they then share onto their social media platforms.

Whoever is lucky enough to find the delicate pieces can then choose to keep them,re-hide them, or create something special of their own.


Emily Collier, (29), explained:  “You don’t have to think of yourself as an artist to get involved, you can make anything, even a little painting.

“It gets people out of the house, and it is just a great project to be involved in.”

Heather Garfin, (26), added: “We have been all over the country with the project, we’ve been to Nottingham, London, Liverpool, and now we are here in Salford, and we would really love to see the community take part, it’s so much fun.”

The group have been hiding their creations around Media City ready for the people of Salford to find.

Can you figure out where their work is hiding?. Image credit: Emmie Norton

“It was such a nice little pick me up”

The projects current success has lead to other artists around the country participating in the nationwide treasure hunt.

Jasper, the owner of the art shop HotchPotchPanda, was one of the first people to find out about City Found It: “The first time I found their art I was having a pretty bad day at work, so it was such a nice little pick me up.

“I was driving home I just couldn’t stop smiling to myself, it was knowing that someone out there was taking time out of their day to cheer other people up.


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“Since then I have actually started a little collection of their work, I’m always sat waiting ready for them to release clues about where their latest art is hidden, it’s like a little treasure hunt and that brings so much happiness to my days.”

The group are hoping that they can continue to spread that happiness amongst the people living in the city.

To find out information on how you can get involved with City Found It, you can visit their website here.

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