Green Summit Event

Andy Burnham said the green economy can create “thousands of good jobs” at an event to discuss climate change at the Lowry Theatre.

The Mayor of Greater Manchester was speaking at the Green Summit Event, which took place today, between 9-4:30pm.

Credit: Charlotte Linecar

The event focused on the actions we can take to reduce our carbon footprint, along with what we can do to improve the environment and what more we can do to reach the goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2028.

Andy Burnham, Mayor of Manchester said: “Over the next decade, if we accelerate our response to the climate crisis, we can create thousands of good jobs, improve homes, overhaul our transport system and make this an even better place to live.”

Community groups and businesses from across Greater Manchester have also shared their experiences and actions they have been taking throughout the city region.

Credit: Charlotte Linecar

Environment enthusiast, Jane Wood, from Salford City Radio attended the event today. The discussions about future innovation sparked an idea for herself:

“One of the fundraisers I would like to see is information about every plant and its health benefit. For example, nettle soup! It’s my favorite and would help so many people out. Today has been wonderful.”

The key topics discussed at the event involved the environment through the ages, nature and green space, along with community solar projects, including the Green Homes Grant. Further topics were water and resources, transport, and lastly, research for future innovation.

The event’s clear and ambitious approach of informing people about making better choices, embracing and investing their time and money into more sustainable businesses, lives and lifestyles is aiming to be successful.

After today’s event, a rise in community spirit and drive to improve climate change will be clear in Salford.

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