Salford fireworks

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Salford fireworks at Buile Hill Park and Irlam are set to go ahead this year after last year’s events were cancelled due to COVID.

Buile Hill is due to welcome spectators to Eccles from 5:30pm Friday 5 November with the main display starting 7:30pm for an estimated 20 minutes.

While, Irlam invites residents and visitors to its display at Prince’s Park the night after on Saturday 6 November following the same time schedule as Friday’s display.

Salford’s firework displays are planned to go ahead this year despite neighboring Manchester’s events for the weekend being cancelled by Manchester City Council, meaning this years events could be busier than ever as people won’t have the choice of commuting to Heaton Park or other Manchester bonfires.


Buile Hill Park Bonfire and Fireworks-

Buile Hill Park on Eccles Old Road will have open its from 5:30pm to 9pm and entry is free although there will be voluntary collection buckets at the gates.

As well as the bonfire and fireworks will have hot and cold food and drinks, funfair rides.

The community is coming together to be able to provide a safe and and fun night for all the family with support from a whole host of organisations throughout Salford including the University, MediaCity UK, The Lowry, GMP, and GMFRS.


Irlam Bonfire and Fireworks-

Prince’s Park off Liverpool Road will like the previous day’s events will run from 5:30pm to 9pm on the Saturday. With the bonfire being lit at 7pm and the fireworks going off half an hour later for around 20 minutes.

Prince’s is an open park so there will be no gates for this event and will be free to access for anyone.

Once again, refreshment stands and funfair rides will also be on site for those interested.

Collections for the Ceremonial Mayor’s Charity in aid of local charities takes place on the Saturday as well as the Friday, and the event is being supported by local organisations that are also supporting Buile Hill to make this event possible.

More information for Friday’s and Saturday’s events can be found on the Salford City Council website.



Greater Manchester Police is running a campaign this year for the duration of the period leading up to and on Halloween and Bonfire Night called ‘#BangOutOfOrder’ to help tackle the problems with anti-social behavior that the area experiences during this time of the year.

GMP especially want to stress, with this campaign the consequences there can be for starting fires that can seriously impact your future such a £5,000 fine or up to 6 months in prison.


This campaign is particularly relevant to Salford where many locals are unhappy with the amount of fireworks being illegally set off not just in the Autumn time.


One incident that showed the sheer necessity of the campaign occurred a few weeks ago when 3 young people dangerously set off fireworks when a homeless person was sleeping. Salford City Council condemned the behavior as ‘dangerous and disgraceful’ and put out an appeal for information.


You can find more information on their campaign here.

Citizens advice Salford has also prepared information on the safe handling of fireworks to minimise any risk here.

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