Salford-based microbrewery and taproom Marble Brewery will celebrate its past 12 months in business with a party to introduce the latest versions of its dark and light beers.

Every year, the brewery develops a new version of its dark beer, Decadence Imperial Stout, along with a light beer, Barley Wine, ready to be launched at the annual ‘Decadence Day’ on November 20 at the venue on Kansas Avenue near Media City.

Credit: Mia Duthil-McArthur

Head Brewer, Joe Ince, said: “Every year we release two beers… and the only things that stay the same is the ABV and the name.

“The annual release is a reflection and an excuse to celebrate everything we’ve done in the past 12 months.

“It’s really nice for us because we’ve got a very loose guideline to stick to and we get to put our own creativity into it.”

Customers can visit the taproom and brewery to see where the beer is made.

Joe continued: “The taproom is open Friday and Saturday from 12-10pm, so come down and say hi and look around the brewery… don’t be shy.”

Marble Brewery was established in 1997 in Manchester, before moving to Salford in 2019.

The brewery is named after the Marble Arch, a multi-award-winning pub in the Angel Meadow district of Manchester which serves as the business’s flagship.

Credit: Mia Duthil-McArthur

Joe said: “We moved from Collinghurst, which is now known as Green Quarter to a different venue 200m away, before moving to our venue in Salford.

“We’re really happy to be here and hopefully will be for a long time.”

To find out more visit the Marble Beers website

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