New Harvest Church

The iconic New Harvest Church Salford building has been put up for sale, and Salfordians are worried about its future. 

The New Harvest Church, formerly the Salford cinema, has been posted on Rightmove for £1,500,000. The building was originally built in 1846 as a Scottish Presbyterian Church. 

Many Salford citizens are concerned about the iconic building being turned into a block of flats, similarly to the Salford Quays dock office in 2017. 

Salford Cinema, date unknown. Photo credit: Mike Blakemore. Creative Commons (Attribution) License: no changes made

Rachel Kelly, a 43-year-old Cat rescue owner that grew up in Salford, said “it’s a completely unique building in terms of its architecture, that’s why I’ve always loved it, from being a child. The structures that are thrown up today are kind of character-less.” 

She went on to add: “Buildings with character make a city. If you tear them down, you strip away at the personality of Salford. A city is more than just its people.

The people are the beating heart of the city, but its landscape (including the stunning architecture of its unique older buildings) is vital, the backdrop for the creativity that is so abundant in the city.” 

Jenny Lynn, 50-year-old Salfordian and IT assistant thinks that the building has lots of opportunities for renovation:  “I think the area really needs something social, there are enough flats in the area.

I and probably others would like to see a small intimate cinema or screening room, cafe, bar, community space or small theatre.”

Lee Baylis, 28-year-old Archeologist thinks the iconic New Harvest Church building needs to be preserved: “I feel that buildings with a history and importance in history should be preserved in the best way possible. 

If developers do turn it into flats they should work around the building and design, preserving everything they can. I’ve seen many buildings like this get destroyed by developers, working in commercial archeology I’ve seen it a lot over my years.”

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