The most visited multi-sensory experience worldwide, has arrived at MediaCityUK’s Piazza for the next three months.

Van Gogh Alive, the new multi-sensory exhibition, has welcomed over 8 million visitors across 75 cities 

Ranging from his work in the Netherlands and Paris, to his series of Self-portraits the exhibition allows the public to explore the different aspects of Van Gogh’s career.

Credit: Mia Duthil-McArthur

It differs from the usual art gallery as it uses a state-of-the-art SENSORY4™ gallery technology.

With a cinema quality surround sound system and 3000 images of Van Gogh’s artwork an immersive and interactive experience is delivered.

Dan Flynn, Van Gogh Alive’s Marketing Consultant said: “I think the reason why it’s so impressive is due to the fact that it’s multi-sensory”

Credit: Mia Duthil-McArthur

“You’ve got over 3,000 images which are projected across 35 different screens which creates lots of different vantage points where you can see Van Gogh’s work in a way that you won’t have done before.

“There is a beautiful classical score that accompanies all those moving images and additionally we have fragrances that are diffused into the space.

“When Van Gogh was completing most of his work in the south of France, he would have been painting in fields and gardens and those fragrances are diffused into the space to create a multi-sensory experience”.

Van Gogh Alive also offers an interactive feature to the exhibition where visitors are able to create their own art with the help of expert video tutorials.

The building in which the exhibition takes place was constructed purposely for the experience.

It can be found in the heart of MediaCityUK as the 17,500 ft venue sits on the MediaCityUK Piazza.

Around the exhibition a few independent stalls are offering a selection of items from food and drink options to fresh flowers, such as, Badabing Sandwich Deli and Beigel.

Credit: Mia Duthil-McArthur

Dan Flynn continued: “It’s fantastic to come to Salford and offer an experience to the communities of Salford and Greater Manchester.

“MediaCityUK is a very lively, happening area and we are very pleased to have chosen this location”.

Credit: Mia Duthil-McArthur

“So far we’ve noticed so many children coming through and actually really engaging and enjoying the experience.

“We’re hoping that a lot of young people leave the experience and be inspired by a lot of what Van Gogh has produced over the years.

“Hopefully we’ll have a lot of budding artists across Salford over the next few years”.

Credit: Mia Duthil-McArthur

From Monet & Friend to Alice- A Wonderland Adventure, Grande Experiences are the creators of the exhibition and they have delivered a number of different experiences worldwide.

For this particular event, Grande Experiences has partnered with The Christie Charity, to help raise vital funds for cancer research and treatments.

The exhibition will be taking place for around 3 months as it started on Friday 22nd October 2021 and will finish on Sunday 23rd January 2022.

Entry costs around £22 for adults, £15 for children along with the option of concession discounts too.

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