Young people in Salford are developing their film making skills, by making a documentary about knife crime.

One young person looking to make a difference is Joseph Proctor, who is looking to develop his film making skills, but is more concerned about bringing the conversation about knife crime to the fore.Taken by Harvey Fletcher

He said: “The idea of making a film that shows people about knife crime interested me as it has become more and more prevalent every single day and if something isn’t done about it, it won’t stop.

“I know a few people that have been affected by it, friends and even family have been affected by it.”

The documentary, funded by Great Places Housing Project will aim to bring attention to the rising problems of knife crime.

Taken by Harvey Fletcher

Lisa Newns, the area service manager at Great Places Housing Project said: “In this area of Salford, we have quite a high number of children that are not in employment, education or training.

“So, I think anything that’s going start to build the enthusiasm, inspiration in order to maybe lead them into aspirations for the future I think that’s really important.”

The funding will allow young people to use the equipment and expertise supplied by REEL MCR, who specialise in community-based drama and participant-led social history documentary films.

Taken by Harvey Fletcher

Jacqui Carroll, founder and creative producer of REEL MCR has said that she wants to: “Try and raise awareness of knife crime and to try and make young people think before they actually carry a knife really is one of the main things to try and somehow lower the figures that we’re getting at the moment of the tragic deaths through knife crime.

“Young people need to make this for themselves and to think this for themselves we can’t tell them what to do we’re adults you know it’s not us we don’t understand what’s going on out on the ground but for them themselves.

“For them to make this, for them to understand it, for them to speak to people. It’s the only way you’re going to make a difference.”

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