Robert Martin, an author living in Broughton released his first book, Joe and Dusty Save the World last week.

Credit: Robert Martin

The story follows a boy with learning disabilities and his best friend – and carer dog – Dusty, saving the world from an alien invasion.

“It’s a 10-chapter poem about fun, kindness and love, and how important that is”, Martin tells me. “The relationship between a child and a carer dog might be a nice way to express it.”

Martin tells me his late older sister suffered from physical, sensory and mental disabilities. “Growing up as a child, disability for me was another normal.”

Martin also works closely with 2 companies who are involved with disability. One from Liverpool called, DADA (Deaf and Disability Arts). The other is a company based in Salford, Result CIC.

Credit: Margit Van Der Zwan

Martin had researched beforehand and found that many books for children regarding disability were more teaching kids what disability is. Martin has focused his story more on the character and his life, without focusing on his disability.

The book is hopefully going to be one of four in the series. Another book will be about cleaning the planet and another idea based on getting their new rescue dog, and about what happens when somebody different comes into your world. Martin says the idea is based on immigration but shown from the point of view of dogs.

Martin released a GoFundMe campaign to contribute to the cost of creating the book, he raised £3,500. His late mother left him a small amount of money which also helped contribute to his book release.

Credit: Margit Van Der Zwan

The Kindness Bundle is a chance to buy a hardback copy of the book for yourself and a paperback version will be donated to libraries, schools, charities and families. “A percentage of the books will be given away to individuals. A way to show kindness.”

Avalible now at:

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