The organization Music solid has gathered people from all over including as far as Brazil to take part a cover of “My Hero”, to raise money.

With a range of different musicians from singers to guitarists and even Kora players all having their time to shine within the song.

The Healthcare Workers foundation supports the doctors and nurses that are on the front line throughout the pandemic. Their services help cover both the mental and physical needs of the safe and look after their wellbeing.

Dom O’Neill was one of the producers said:

“Everyone is clapping for the NHS it is becoming an almost meaningless gesture and while we were stuck indoors with the music industry on its knees and all the musicians stuck in.

“We wanted to play our part and use what we can do at home which is playing music and record and do our own personal tribute for those out in the front line.”

With so many people involved in the project, film editor Sam O’Reilly knew it would be a challenge to make sure everything fit together;

“I knew it would be hard to fit into a nice concise project at the beginning”

This idea for the song came along all because they weren’t able to go to the pub on a Friday due to the Covid-19 lockdowns. So like many people in the country, they came together on zoom to have weekly catch-ups.

For one of the members Christy O’Neill the release of the song came at an important time;

“I was in the hospital not long before I got sepsis. So I basically almost died, I didn’t realize that till I was discharged.

“I was really really sick with doctors around me all the time. When it actually got released, I was in the hospital with made it more poignant.”

Their GoFundMe page is still open for any donations.


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