Celebrating your 50th birthday is an exciting time. St Ann’s hospice has been enjoying their anniversary with celebratory charity events all over Salford and Greater Manchester. 

In 1967, it was recognised that a hospice was needed in Manchester. This is when Dr Moya Cole, from the Christies Hospital, approached the Bishop of Manchester, the Right Reverend Dr William Greer asking if local churches would join together to set up a hospice. 50 years later St Ann’s Hospice is still thriving.

St Ann’s Hospice is now based in Cheshire but has various charity shops etc all throughout Salford and Greater Manchester, which contribute to the valuable work St Ann’s Hospice do.

St Ann’s Hospice has been enjoying their anniversary celebrations all throughout 2021, Rachel McMillan, Chief Executive of St Ann’s Hospice told us a little bit more about how they have been celebrating all throughout 2021.

Rachel said; “We have been pleased to hear that people are so excited that our birthday is a special moment in the history of Manchester too. St Ann’s is one of the oldest and largest hospices in the UK and we have had such lovely feedback from people who are proud to have our specialist facility in their locality.”


She added; “At the start of the year we launched our special guide to 50 ways you can join in our celebrations and I have been thrilled to see so many people getting involved.”

“From pledging to volunteer in our hospice shops, to taking part in one of our anniversary events and activities people have really gotten behind our charity.”

Rachel then began to discuss more about the events that have taken place in 2021, she said; “So many events have already passed us by this year form from our special edition Manchester Virtual Walk, to our bloomingly brilliant garden at the Manchester Flower Show.”

Photos provided via St Ann’s Hospice

“To all the individuals and groups joining us to take on a sporting challenge as part of our birthday year, we have been very overwhelmed by all the support for our charity.”

Although the birthday festivities have slowly come to an end with St Ann’s Hospice celebrating their big 50th birthday on the 17th May 2021, there is still so much we can do to support the charity. Click here to find the St Ann’s website where you can find how you can get more involved in supporting this local charity.

Rachel ended by saying; “As a charity that is only here because of that same community providing tremendous support for half a century, we are proud that we are able to continue caring thanks to the generous support of local people.”

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