Boothstown in Salford is the newest delivery location to be added to list for beginner veg-growing kits.

Pot Gang, which was set up during lockdown, is now an award winning company with the goal of getting people into growing their own fresh produce from home.

Pot Gang is the ‘grow-your-own veg and herb subscription for gardeners who need a bit of a hand.’

The business is ran by three individuals who have now quit their corporate jobs to get more Brits into growing from home.

The business has over 100 reviews on google, most of them giving 5 star ratings: “Fantastic customer service – so friendly and helpful! Fantastic idea for those who love to garden but have a small space.” – Joanna Zeman

Jemima Wharton,18, from Salford has recently purchased some of the boxes: “The boxes are a great help and really fun. I’ve never been into gardening before but I like to cook my own meals and I thought using my own home grown produce would make my meals even better.”

“I think the boxes are a really good idea to get people growing their own fruit and veg, I’ve recommended the boxes to loads of my friends who don’t know much about gardening.”

Pot Gang allows you to buy individual boxes or sign up to a subscription where you are sent different things to grow each month. “When life gets in the way and the time is limited on researching, buying and nurturing plants and herbs – This is the solution! totally recommend this wonderful subscription! Easy and fun for all and very exciting to reap the benefits of what we have grown.”


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