Alex Murphy, who fights out of Eccles Boxing School, went professional on January 23rd under promoter Kieran Farrell.

Despite a national lockdown since then Murphy has manage to pick up his first two professional wins.

In between training Alex is a 1-2-1 Boxing Coach, who puts on sessions at Eccles Boxing School.

Murphy overcame his first experienced opponent Ricky Leach on August 20th, winning the bout on points. The fight was part of the VICIOUS 1.0 card which took place at the Bowlers Exhibition Centre Arena in Manchester.

His second fight was on October 22nd which was also at the BEC Arena. Murphy won the fight on a points decision against another experienced opponent Jamie Quinn from Stockport.

How does it feel now that you’ve got your first two professional wins under your belt?

Murphy said: “It feels really good it’s a great start it’s everything that I’ve dreamed of. There’s still a long way to go it’s a long process, this is just the very start. Having two and winning two is the best outcome there can be. I’m happy with how I performed in both the fights.”

What’s next for you? Is there any scheduled fights or are you looking towards a date?

Murphy said: “There’s nothing confirmed but I’m looking towards February time. If anything comes up before Christmas on any big shows, we’ll take it but in terms of the home show we’re looking at February time.”

How do you find mixing in your PT work and your coaching down at the gym with your training?

Murphy said: “Great to be honest it goes hand in hand. I’ve had to cut back a bit on the coaching and the 1-2-1’s like how many hours I do a week because I’m training a lot more now the training is a full-time job itself. I’m still doing the coaching and it goes well with the training because I’m just in the gym all the time.”

What is your goal for your career?

Murphy said: “My ultimate goal is to be a world champion. That’s the first thing I thought of from the very start. It’s something I’m going to try my best to achieve, and I believe that I will achieve it. I’m only 20 years old now so I’ve got the next 10-15 years ahead of me to achieve it. So, I’ve got time times on my hands. I won’t stop until I get there with persistence, hard work and the right mindset. I know for a fact I can achieve it if I set out to do it. That’s my goal anything else that comes with it is a bonus.”

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