The Working-Class Movement Library (WCML) are preparing to celebrate their annual Engel’s week starting on Monday 22nd.

This week-long event serves as an anniversary for Engel’s birthday in collaboration with The Marx Memorial Library in London.

Photo taken by Emelia Mountford

Fredrich Engels was born in Germany and spent most of his life in Salford, becoming an important figure in Marxism as he worked with Karl Marx.

Hazel Roberts, a trustee for The WCML and part of the audience development group, said: “Our aim is to make people aware of Engels.”

The theme for this year’s celebration is the question ‘who the heck is Engels?’. The library will answer this question through the week with different events and short videos on their social media.


Ms Roberts also said: “What we’re also trying to do is to try and reach a different audience with social media.”

Photo used with permission from Hazel Roberts

The library is hosting two free events during the week.

The first is their annual lecture on Thursday, November 25. Guest speaker Amelia Horgan will be presenting an online talk titled: ‘The place of work in socialist feminism.’

The second is a guided walk around Chapel Street and The Crescent. This will take place on Sunday, November 28.

The library will also be posting links to films about Engels and short videos with people answering the question ‘what does Engels mean to me?’ Which will be shared to the library’s social media promoting the lecture and walk.

Hazel Roberts said: “The reason we decided to make it a week is to make it more accessible to people to try and get more people aware of stuff. That’s why I think we’re turning more to social media a little bit.”

Listen to more of the interview here:

To get involved in these events and to keep up to date with the week’s celebrations follow this link to their social media:

To find out more about the week’s events follow their Twitter

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